Opening Plenary Panel


The Master Gardener: From Here into the Future

Panelists: Sharon Collman, Professor Emeritus, WSU Extension;  Linda Chalker-Scott, Ph.D Horticulture; Todd Murray, WSU College of Agriculture;    Jennifer Marquis, WSU Extension Master Gardener Program Leader

Things are changing in the gardening world.  This panel will consider the latest advancements in our field and how the basics of our training are evolving. A glance at the future of the WSU Master Gardener Program.

Session One


Garden Design Makeovers!

Instructor:  Sue Goetz,  CPH, ECO-Pro

Breathe new life into a garden with practical easy tips and advice on simple fixes you can do to make-over the garden.  Learn shortcuts to good design by using photos and insider tips from an award-winning designer.  


Creating Pollinator Friendly Gardens

Instructor:  Mary Dessel, WSU Master Gardener, Masters in Forestry 

Bumblebees and other pollinators are declining due to multiple threats such as habitat loss. Learn how insect pollinators benefit us and what you can do to protect them…and improve habitat in your own gardens.  


Year Round Organic Gardening in Western Washington State

Instructor:  Linda Gilkeson, Ph.D Entomology SU  

In our mild West Coast climate we can enjoy fresh food from our gardens year around.  Tips on what to grow, planting schedules, protection from extreme weather and how to avoid common pests and problems.


Garden Lessons in a Box

Instructor:  Tim Kohlhauff, Urban Horticulture-WSU Extension  

“Garden Lessons in a Box”,  are effective research-based lessons for younger gardeners that can be easily carried to remote sites, and include supplies, resources and curriculum outline that any Master Gardener can use. 


Glyphosate Resistance and Cancer...What’s the Latest News?

Instructor: Dale Whaley, Coordinator Integrated Weed Control Project-WSU Extension 

Learn about “Glyphosate Resistance”, the timeline of events that led the International Agency for Research on Cancer to declare Glyphosate (aka Roundup) a “Group 2A Carcinogen”, and what this potentially means for you today.


The Importance of Trees to Our Lives and Landscapes

Instructor:  Ben Thompson, Department of Natural Resources, Urban Forestry Specialist  

Trees are the longest-lived plants in our gardens and landscapes, bearing witness to changes between seasons and years, and evolving to those changes. Today we find ourselves also needing to adapt. Explore the value and relevance of trees to the planet and our daily lives today and into the future.

Session Two


Sustainable Stormwater Management and the Role that MGs Can Play

Instructor:   Dr. Ani Jayakaran, Associate Professor-WSU Extension 

 Learn the current state of the science related to green stormwater infrastructure (GSI), how it can be used as a means to sustainably manage stormwater, impact Puget Sound communities, and the role that Master Gardeners can play.


Watering Systems: What Questions do YOU get in a Clinic?

Instructor:   R. Troy Peters, Irrigation Specialist, WSU Extension

Get answers to the most common questions from the public - from “What’s back flow prevention all about?” to “How do I prepare my sprinkler system for the winter?”…and many topics in between!


Gardening Amid the Tree Roots

Instructor:  Christina Pfeiffer, Horticultural Writer/Educator 

Installing new plantings and maintaining old gardens within the shade and root zone of large trees can present challenges. This class provides information and methods for improving long-term success for both the trees and surrounding landscape.


Pesticides: WSU Master Gardener Policies and the Law

Instructor:   Lenora Jones, WSU Dept. of Entomology     

When working as a WSU Master Gardener, it’s important to understand and follow WSU Pesticide Policy.  We will discuss policy and language to use with clients, and explore how to use reference materials to make pesticide recommendations. 


Demo Gardens: Everything You Need to Know

Bob Taylor, WSU Master Gardener; Jennifer Marquis, WSU Extension Master Gardener Program Leader; Kate Bratrude, WSU Master Gardener

Demonstration Gardens are integral to the WSU Master Gardener Program. This session will focus on creating meaningful partnerships, encouraging volunteer support, providing quality education and managing a successful garden.  


A Convenient Truth - Composting for the Home Gardener

Instructor:   Don Kraftt,  WSU Master Gardener and Master Composter 

Learn how to teach the basics of composting through this primer on waste management, reasons to compost and the basics of the process and material. Enhance your understanding of the benefits and ways to promote it to the home and community gardener.

Session Three


Creating Garden Beauty All Year with Native Plants

Instructor:  Mary Foster, WSU Master Gardener

This class features Northwest native plants used to highlight beauty and color throughout the year, including attractive native flowers. Learn how berries, colorful leaves, and interesting texture can also add depth, variety and attractive features to your garden.


Planning a Water-Wise Garden: Design Principles for Everyone

Instructor:   Everett Chu , CPH, ECO-Pro 

In our climate with increasingly bone-dry summers, a practical answer is Xeriscape, an ecological approach for dry, water-wise gardening. Learn how to be successful incorporating key design principles, selecting plants with drought-tolerant characteristics, and constructing the garden for long-term sustainability.


Mixed Vegetable Crop Planning

Instructor:   Carlene Boxman, WSU Master Gardener 

Learn how to time your crops within each season to ensure you have food to harvest all year around.  This class will focus on the basic principles and practices of crop planning including: crop rotation, timing, succession planting techniques, and how to grow successfully in the fall and winter months. (Note: Focus is Western Washington.)


Citizen Science - Enhancing Critical Thinking Skills

Instructor:   Linda Chalker-Scott, Ph.D Horticulture  

The increase in unfiltered information available on the web has created a need for university Extension programs to assist citizens in developing critical evaluation skills .This presentation will provide Master Gardeners with guidelines for evaluating articles, books, and electronic resources objectively. 


Deer Resistant Garden Design

Instructor:   Karen Chapman, CPH    

What deer-challenged homeowners need from master gardeners are tried and true strategies and design tricks that will enable them to have the garden of their dreams without resorting to fences or constant spraying. This class illustrates key design steps and abundant examples.


If Bugs Could Talk …Gardening in Tune with Insect Lifecycles

Panelists:   Sharon Collman, Professor Emeritus, WSU Extension; Dave Pehling, WSU Extension-Retired   

If bugs could talk they’d be shaking their antennae and stridulating in disbelief at our efforts to control them. The Collman/Pehling duo will take a merry look at the insects and how their life cycles should influence your actions. It’s really not that hard.

Banquet & Keynote Speaker:  6:00 pm - 8:00 pm