Bonnie Orr

Not in My Back Yard! 

Bonnie Orr has been a Chelan Douglas Master Gardener since 1996 and a Master Composter since 1993. She is an active community  public speaker and has had a radio show for 21 years and a TV show for 3 seasons. Bonnie loves solving mysteries at the diagnostic clinic and the farmer's market booth.  Her garden provides sanctuary and food for native birds and incorporate s more than 100  species of plants. She grows a year around vegetable garden. When she is not gardening, Bonnie is travelling as a bird watcher.


James Cassidy

Soil: What it is and How it Works

James Cassidy has been an Instructor of Soil Science at Oregon State University for over 14 years. and the faculty advisor for the wildly popular OSU Organic Growers Club - OSU's student farm.  Coming from a non-traditional background in the  music industry, he is passionate about soil and is popular with students.  The student farm project has over 300 student volunteers and continues to grow, now entering its 20th season.


Dr. David Crowder

Do Plants Talk?

Dave Crowder is an Associate Professor of Entomology at Washington State University. He did his BS and MS in Environmental Science at the University of Illinois and his PhD in Entomology at the University of Arizona. He has been in Pullman since 2009, where his lab studies insect ecology and plant-insect interactions in agricultural systems.


Jenny Glass

Plant & insect Clinic: Helping Clients Figure Out the Problem

Jenny Glass has managed the WSU Puyallup Plant & Insect Diagnostic Laboratory for the past 20 years where she has honed her diagnostics skills on a wide range of plant pathology and insect identification experiences. She spends hours under the microscope trying to find signs of fungal pathogens and scours the internet looking for plant and problem information. Her favorite part of the job is interacting with clients and helping them learn about the management solutions to their plant problems.


Rachel Bomberger

Plant & insect Clinic: Helping Clients Figure Out the Problem

Rachel Bomberger has been running the WSU Plant Pest Diagnostic Clinic in Pullman, WA since December 2015. Rachel provides diagnosis on all manners of plant health problems including the detection of fungi, viruses, bacteria, nematodes, and abiotic disorders such as environmental stress, nutrient deficiency and chemical damage. Rachel works frequently with agricultural commodities but enjoys solving the unique puzzles that homeowners and green industry experience.


Paula Dinius

Growing Degree Days: Plant Phenology

Paula Dinius has been an Urban Horticulturalist for WSU Chelan County Extension for the past 16 years, providing education and consultation for the commercial ornamental horticulture industry, in addition to WSU Master Gardeners across the State. She holds a BS in Botany and Plant Pathology from California State Polytechnic University, Washington State Teaching Certification for Secondary Broad Area Science, and a Master of Science degree in Agriculture from Washington State University.


Judi Stewart

Graft Your Own Designer Fruit Trees

Judi Stewart is a member of North Olympic Fruit Club, a chapter of Western Cascade Fruit Society, past president of both organizations and a Jefferson County Master Gardener.   


Dr. Roger Eichman

Graft Your Own Designer Fruit Trees

Dr. Roger Eichman is a member of North Olympic Fruit Club, past president of Western Cascade Fruit Society as well as past vice president of North Olympic Fruit Club.He is an avid fruit growers, have been grafting fruit trees and teaching grafting for over two decades. 



Dan Hinkley

The Best Plants for Challenging Places

Dan Hinkley has a lifelong interest in plants which led him to receive his B.S. in Ornamental Horticulture and M.S. in Urban Horticulture. In 1987 he and his husband, architect Robert Jones, established Heronswood Nursery.  Devoted to introducing rare plants to the gardeners of North America, this endeavor led him into the wilds of China, South and Central America, Mexico, New Zealand, South Africa, Nepal and Vietnam over the past 20 years. He is the author of three award-winning books: The Explorer’s Garden: Shrubs & Vines (2009), Winter Ornamentals (1993) and The Explorers Garden: Rare and Unusual Perennials (1998), and his  new book on the making of Windcliff, his private garden, will be published by Timber Press in late 2020. 


James Cassidy

Soil Test Results in Hand - What Does it all Mean?

James Cassidy has been an Instructor of Soil Science at Oregon State University for over 14 years. and the faculty advisor for the wildly popular OSU Organic Growers Club - OSU's student farm.  Coming from a non-traditional background in the  music industry, he is passionate about soil and is popular with students.  The student farm project has over 300 student volunteers and continues to grow, now entering its 20th season.


Jeannine Polaski

Community Gardens and Food Banks

Jeannine Polaski has been engaged in the Mason County Master Gardener program since 2013 after retiring from a career in Telecommunications. Eleven years ago, the Mason County Master Gardeners created a demonstration garden which incorporates both a vegetable food bank garden and community garden bed rentals. Jeannine will be sharing the  lessons learned over the life of the garden.                                                                             


Beth Chisholm

Community Gardens and Food Banks

Beth Chisholm, WSU Whatcom County Master Gardener Program, Community First Gardens Project


Bob Simmons

"Can I Plant Something Pretty on my Drainfield?”

Bob Simmons is WSU Extension’s Olympic Region Water Resources Regional Specialist. Over the past 27 years, he has provided community based water resource stewardship programs focusing on water quality in the Puget Sound region. Over his career he has provided septic sewage system education and stormwater management using bio-retention strategies and served as the chairperson of the Washington Governor’s Council on Environmental Education.


Dr. Gwen K. Stahnke

Ten Things an MG should Know about Lawn Care

Dr. Gwen K. Stahnke received her B.S. in Horticulture/Turf and her Masters degree in turf grass, with a robust career path that has included teaching golf course operations, serving as area agronomist for TruGreen and sod farm management. She earned her PhD in Turf and was Turf Extension Specialist in Puyallup for over 20 years. Currently, Dr. Stahnke is Professor Emeritus, WSU-Puyallup REC, instructor for the Turfgrass Management program at Walla Walla Community College and a representative from the US. on the International Turfgrass Society’s Board of Directors.


Jana Ferris

Leading Through Change: Empowering Volunteers

Jana Ferris is the Volunteer Development Specialist with WSU Extension, providing education, support, and systems management expertise to faculty and staff volunteer administrators. She has been actively involved in leadership of volunteer programs for over 30 years, providing academic preparation in education and organizational psychology, as well as faculty leadership of large (over 650 volunteers) and middle management 4-H and Girl Scout volunteer programs. 

PANELISTS: Plenary Session


L. Katherine Baril, JD, MBA

Dr. L. Katherine Baril served as Director of the WSU Jefferson County Extension programs for 25 years and has been active in Northwest sustainability and resource issues.  She served on the White House Panel for Sustainable Development under both Presidents George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton, as well as the Northwest Sustainable Development Commission.  She is a National Science Foundation member and has served as State Director, Northwest Water Resources Committee, State Chair of the Northwest Regional Enhancement Salmon Council and Mediator, State Timber Fish Wildlife Agreement. Dr. Baril also negotiated the Washington Water Law, Washington Shorelines Law and the State Watershed Planning RCW.  


Chad Kruger

Gardening in the Shadow of Climate Change

Chad Kruger directs WSU’s Northwestern Washington Research & Extension Center (NWREC) in Mount Vernon, the Puyallup Research & Extension Center, and the Center for Sustaining Agriculture & Natural Resources (CSANR).He has served as member of the Washington Department of Natural Resources Expert Council on Climate Change and the Washington State Climate Action Team as well as a number of Advisory Groups and teams addressing Climate Change.  


Joan Qazi

 Tips for Talking About Climate Change

Joan Qazi is the Geography instructor at Wenatchee Valley College and has been involved with sustainability initiatives for over 20 years. Joan is an active member of Climate Conversations NCW, the Climate Reality Project, and Sustainable Wenatchee. She is also on the board of the Washington State Farmers Market Association and has a deep appreciation for farmers and gardeners in her area.